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Wheel chocks are the perfect investment that can assist in the prevention of accidental damage to vehicles and equipment. These non-slip units are highly durable and manufactured from eco-friendly recycled materials, contributing toward the reduction of your company’s carbon footprint.
Unlike most metal, plastic and wooden chocks, our contour-conforming, high traction, flexible, yet tough chocks are extremely resistant to slippage under load. The EcoFibre material will not damage tarred, painted, tiled or decorative surfaces, making them ideal for use in any industry or establishment and the safest option for utilization in emergencies, maintenance or storage.

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When withstanding high volumes of pressure under load, our wheel chocks are designed to progressively re-form and take the shape of the tyre. As the load increases, so does the rolling resistance. Manufactured from a tough, recycled vulcanized rubber, the units are impervious to oils, fuels, solvents, UV exposure and can withstand all types of weather conditions. They are non-sparking and non-flammable and highly resistant on-the-job abuse.
Our wheel chocks are available in 5 sizes to cater for most application. If these do not meet your needs, we will speedily custom design and manufacture any size or shape that you may require.

The accessories and options available on our chocks are unique and endless due to our in-house mouldings and technical team, which under more allow for accessories and options not limited to:

  • Economy chock chain
  • Heavy duty chock chain
  • Easy grip carry handles
  • High visibility paint and reflector tape
  • Moulded company logo
Wheel Chocks

Non-Slip wheel chocks are tough, premium quality, recycled vulcanized rubber designed to be placed against a vehicle’s wheels to prevent accidental movement during emergencies, maintenance or parking in temporary, semi-permanent or permanent applications.


The light weight, high traction rubber material virtually eliminates slippage of the wheel chock when under load making them a vital personnel safety component and providing insurance against accidental damage to vehicles and equipment.

Area of Application

All wheeled vehicles including private, commercial, municipal, government, haulage and mining usage as well as military, commercial and private aircraft applications.


The material is a combination of consumer recycled thermoset elastomer (SBR) aggregate and a polyurethane elastomeric binder. The content of recyclate is 90% minimum derived from used tyres and is fully recyclable.


Dependant on temporary, semi permanent or permanent application. Details available on request.


Moulded, pyramid shaped, textured composite wedges which can be painted or logo embossed to customer requirements.

Fire Resistance

Granulated rubber is non-sparking and non-flammable according to the Federal Hazardous Substances act 16 CFR 1500.44.


Rubber isolates static electricity.


Our product is non-hazardous and non-toxic.


Our Chocks are highly UV resistant.


Our Chocks exceed ASTM Standard F1292-99 for impact attenuation.


Exceptional longevity. Weather and resistant to most on-the-job abuse.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Wash with detergent as required. Repaint when required.